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Photo Creativity: Ideas and inspiration for great pictures


A lot of us like to look at other people’s photos for inspiration and ideas. Whether viewing images in magazines, newspapers, online photo blogs, or just navigating the web for images, etc. All this browsing helps make us become creative in taking our own pictures. You can start by learning the ‘visual language’. Find an art gallery or photography exhibition to visit and get some ideas. While viewing at these venues you can discover how other people have creatively developed methods for expressing light and color in their photos. Composition […] Read more »

Underwater Photography: Capturing the depths of the sea

Underwater Photography

Underwater photography can be both fun and entertaining. It is not every day that people can go underwater and take pictures of aquatic creatures that exist in the sea. There are many different kinds of underwater flora, fauna and coral reefs, as well as aquatic creatures like fish and sharks. Underwater photography has been grown in popularity due to the vast array of things you can take pictures of while underwater. Many digital cameras are capable of being used underwater. Some cameras are built waterproof ready, while others may require […] Read more »

Photography Software: Editing the shots and give it some pizazz

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional photographer or simply an amateur taking some snaps at a family gathering, digital photography software is an important part of your battle to make the photos you produce look top quality. To the outsider, it may appear that the use of software may be either very limited in its functions, or simply too complicated for the average photographer to use. The new photography software available today makes neither of these an issue; offering one-click easy solutions for the average user whilst also […] Read more »