Scenic Photography: Top tips on how to take glorious photos in glorious scenery

If you want to capture your favorite scene when you are out and about in nature then you should learn how to get out the best of your scenic photography skills. Initially, you may be a little disappointed with the outcome of printing your scenic snaps but by following a few tips, you can perfect your photos of those fantastic views. There is something completely unique about getting involved in the scenery outdoors in nature and the pure variety of settings you can shoot in gives such variable results that are so pleasing on the eye.

The first thing that you have to do when you are performing scenic photography is to work out exactly what you are taking pictures of. All of your photos will have some center focal points in them and also will have a certain amount of background information which you will have to work out how to use. Especially in nature landscape photographs a lack of a clear focal point, whatever it is, can lead to almost empty looking pictures even if the scenery is stunning. Ensure that you pick a point and make it clear in the photograph to ensure a great outcome when you come to print. It is also important to consider the position of the focal point using the rule of thirds; the viewer does not always jump to the center of the picture but to one of the 4 intersection points of the picture so placing the focal point near one of these intersection points will give a natural feel to the viewer.
Next you should consider the point of view you take the photograph from. Often the natural thing to do seems to be to just stand up from a vantage point, scan a little to the left and a little to the right and just take a picture. If you take a little longer you can find an even better angle that will enhance your picture (thinking along the lines of a bug’s eye view of mountains and other radical ideas like that and you can bring life into any picture).

The sky can provide either a great focal point, or background for any shot and is extremely important in scenic photography. It offers a huge rainbow of colors to use in your photos and another dimension can be added by utilizing the different weather conditions available. Depending on the picture you are hoping to achieve you may be better off heading out on your scenic photography trip on n overcast day rather than a sunny one but it varies for each situation.

Whatever scene you are taking photographs of you should use the above tips to maximize your scenic photography results.

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